.............Aúlla a la Luna, no te arrepentirás..............

The bard's song will remain

Myself, three personalities on my own

Two Clouds Considered to be so cool and calm. His role is the trickster, imparting lessons through his pranks, pranks that can be far from pleasant. Just as important is his ability to act as a voice of dissent or devil's advocate with far less fear of punishment. In a society as traditional and conservative, a free-thinking individual with the right to speak his or her mind is absolutely important, whether to encourage change or to reaffirm the current position through the challenges he provides. His duty is to provide a contrasting view, and also to help their friends find their quarry, or to elude their pursuers. He may also use humor to lighten the mood or break up arguments, often acting as an "omega" to turn hostilities toward themself.
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dilluns, 29 de setembre de 2008

Mis Días, ¿Vida?

Las arenas del tiempo, que escapan del reloj, se escabullen entre mis dedos y no puedo retenerlas;
y cuanto mas aprieto mis manos, más rápido desaparecen;
y caen en un mar de desolación y vacío
que por mucha arena que caiga nunca se llenará


dijous, 11 de setembre de 2008

Strange Wolrd. Could you guide me to?

"If you are all alone, and you don't know where to go to come and take a trip with me to..."

"the only place where you can dream..."

"My eyes grew heavy and my lips they could not speak
I tried to get up but I couldn't find my feet
She reassured me with an unfamilliar line..."

"You've got a face like a child, got a mind like a woman
your smile is warm and tender"

"They'll never know you
Nobody ever knows what to do
They'll never see you cry
They'll never know why"

"When your down.
You're feeling down and out.
It hurts the way you shout.
It doesn't make it easier"

"...this is the end of a tale that wasn't right..."

"Put on your armour
Ragged after fights
Hold up your sword
You're leaving the light
Make yourself ready
For the lords of the dark
They'll watch your way..."

"I can't remember anything
can't tell if this is true or dream
deep down inside I feel to scream
this terrible silence stops me "

I could bring the help you'll need


Could you help me