.............Aúlla a la Luna, no te arrepentirás..............

The bard's song will remain

Myself, three personalities on my own

Two Clouds Considered to be so cool and calm. His role is the trickster, imparting lessons through his pranks, pranks that can be far from pleasant. Just as important is his ability to act as a voice of dissent or devil's advocate with far less fear of punishment. In a society as traditional and conservative, a free-thinking individual with the right to speak his or her mind is absolutely important, whether to encourage change or to reaffirm the current position through the challenges he provides. His duty is to provide a contrasting view, and also to help their friends find their quarry, or to elude their pursuers. He may also use humor to lighten the mood or break up arguments, often acting as an "omega" to turn hostilities toward themself.
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dilluns, 23 de juny de 2014